Okilly Dokilly

Friday, Feb. 1, 2019, 8 p.m.

Where: Soda Bar, 3615 El Cajon Boulevard, San Diego | get directions

Cost: $13 - $15

Age limit: 21+

I don’t know what they’re smoking over in Phoenix, Arizona, but some weird ass bands come out of that city (Meat Puppets, Mighty Sphincter, etc), and Okilly Dokilly is only the latest. Comprised of multiple Ned Flanders impersonators, all dressed in the green sweater and round glasses made famous by the pious cartoon neighbor on the Simpsons, their songs are mostly built from quotes heard on the TV show. Sure, it sounds like a one-note joke – think fast food fanciers Mac Sabbath or Macaulay Culkin’s Pizza Undergound – but the idea itself was singular enough to earn the band over 30,000 Facebook fans within two weeks of debuting their initial four-song demo. A debut album in 2016, Howdilly Doodilly, proved that there are more than enough Flanderisms and left-handed puns to fill up a setlist, as they demonstrated last year by playing over a hundred shows for Ned-loving neighborinoes all across North America. The membership roster - currently featuring a guitar, synth, and drum lineup with Shred Ned, Zed Ned, and Dread Ned – seems entirely fluid. This year’s incarnation is due to play Soda Bar on February 1.


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