Turnover and Reptaliens

Wednesday, April 10, 2019, 7 p.m.

Where: Observatory North Park, 2891 University Avenue, San Diego | get directions

Cost: $23.50

Age limit: All ages

Virginia Beach’s Turnover is celebrating their ten year anniversary with a tour due to arrive at Observatory North Park on April 10. They’ve only released three albums during all that time, along with a couple of EPs and one-off singles, but they’ve been a constant presence on the road, touring with everyone from New Found Glory to Moose Blood, Diamond Youth, and many others. YouTube clips covering all ten of those years indicate a band that has transformed somewhat dramatically from paint-by-number pop punk and emo to ragged indie rock and dream pop. That evolution may be a side effect of their inability to keep a steady lead guitarist, which has made for an inconsistent output that sounds like at least three distinctly separate bands. They seem to have given up on a permanent lead guitarist in favor of hired hands. Band activities still get written up in the punk press, including this impending tour, although often only as an excuse to rail at/about them for no longer being punk.

The Observatory bill includes Reptaliens, aka husband and wife rockers Cole and Bambi Browning, who embrace things like UFO cults and fanciful conspiracies with an utter lack of guile rarely found this side of Art Bell’s old radio show. Their music aspires to be somewhat otherworldly as well, soaked in vintage analog synths and melted into psychedelic weed butter with Bambi’s engaging, purring vocals. They frequently deal with sci-fi themes and transhumanism, a field of thought and research that predicts mankind’s ascendance to the next level of human development will happen in tandem with, and be made possible by, advancing technology. Also appearing is Turnstile, a hardcore band with members based in Baltimore and Ohio that formed in 2010.


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