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Jody Bagley: Bass guitar, Keyboards, Piano, Vocals | Aaron Bagley: Guitar (electric)

Genre: Pop, Rock

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Since the age of five, Jody Bagley has been singing his way through life. He was born and raised in a small town in Southern Maine where, at the age of six, he became the youngest person ever to join Maine’s premier boy choir the Boy Singers of Maine. With the group, he toured much of the East Coast and Europe, all before reaching the age of fourteen.

Throughout high school and college, Jody focused his talents on studying music theory, classical voice, and piano. In 2005, Jody was a founding member of SideCar Heroes, a male a cappella group that became well known in the state of Maine. Being a lover of all styles of music, Jody also joined his older brother’s rock band a New Vision as a pianist and vocalist.

Now located in San Diego, Jody is focusing on his own music for the first time. Teaming up with his brother, they have been recording songs for Jody’s first solo release in their home studio. Having the freedom to record anything, Jody lets his true talents and emotions shine on these new songs.


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