Keith Sweaty


Album cover
  • Released: 2013


The Keith Sweaty album <EM>Spaceface</EM> was released in January 2013. Spaceface (or more personally known as Dennis) is a character from the film <EM>I Am Not A Hipster,</EM> concerning the San Diego music scene and including visual aesthetic and music by Sweaty. “This is a concept album based on that character,” says Milgaten/Sweaty.

Milgaten/Sweaty composed all the music on the album, with guest vocals on “Preyonce” by Adam Shapiro (with lyrics by Joel P. West), and “Black Bay” vocals by Dominic Bogart (and lyrics by Joel P. West).


1. Looks Good Sounds Great 04:57

2. EhyyoooEhhyyo 04:03

3. SPACEBAR 03:20

4. Mother Prussia 04:00

5. Preyonce 05:37

6. Booty Brake ft. Barry Bands 03:42

7. Gangster Shrimp 05:34

8. Endless Ending 03:37

9. CANINES - Black Bay (SPACEFACE remix) 08:54


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