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1) Falling in Love
2) Gifted
3) I’m Alright
4) The Heart Beat Trail
5) Love Letters
6) The Littlest Re(vamp)ire
7) Communitas
8) Scapegoat
9) Drunk Jane

Although it’s hard to nail down exactly what genre Nautical Disaster falls into, it’s easy to figure out what they’re playing: anything big, full, and fat.

Jaye twangs her bass with sorrow and a hint of Cowboy Junkies. The melodies set forth by Beezeley and Grimis feature girthy guitar chords in a mash-up of sounds that in one instance remind me of glam rockers T. Rex, and in the next instance the sound switches to an Americana or Mexican blues progression a lot like Tito and Tarantula. All of it is rock and roll, and all of it is handled perfectly.

Beezeley’s thin, sometimes-monotone voice recalls Lou Reed and acts to balance out the fullness of the music. The vocals are longing and tortured, but the lyrics don’t draw a narrative of grief or separation; they’re more collected thoughts and oblique concepts than storytelling.

Hometown CD Review July 3, 2008
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WOW!!! not even a mention of the drummer that's actually on the album! just mentioning that damien played drums occasionally. what a snub! you fuks. I still promote the band because I like the music and then I get treated like this. Nobody played on that album but ME!!! even if the review is bad it shouldn't reflect on damien on drums. it's not fair to him or your current drummer to leave credit un-acclaimed bad or good. If someone hates the drums on the album they should at least have the correct person to blame. the band originated with a previous drummer before me. you shouldn't leave him out either. the least you could do is be honest. you deserve it to the people that came to the shows.

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