Elijah Emanuel & the Revelations

Persistence of Vision

Album cover
  • Released: 2004
  • Label: Self-released


Songs: 1) Roots in a Rootless World
2) Luchador
3) Teachings of the Christ
4) A Road Less Traveled
5) Fret Not My Soul
6) You Are My Rock
7) Lost in the Wilderness
8) Song of Persistence
9) Wingless Angel / Angel Sin Alas
10) Persistence of Vision / Vision Persistente
11) Todos Unidos
12) Babylon USA
13) Two Roads / Dos Caminos
14) Christ Is (plus bonus tracks)
15) Vision Persistente
16) Dos Caminos
17) Angel Sin Alas

The burning crosses, swastikas, and upside-down American flags against the backdrop of New York City's skyline almost prepare you for the apocalyptic message of Elijah Emanuel. Emanuel sings, "Some days I feel like I don't want to be found, some days I just wander around / some days I'm up, and some days I'm down / mostly I'm on neutral ground," from "Lost in the Wilderness." Perhaps the role of a naysayer is wearing, even if you sing your complaints to a reggae beat.

"A Road Less Traveled" has an R&B bent to it, thanks to the tenor sax. "Teachings of the Christ" and "You Are My Rock" are straightforward dedications, and "Todos Unidos," sung entirely in Spanish, uses the trombone well.

"Babylon USA" features what seems to be the crux of the album's message, "This is not a Christian nation, call yourself what you're not, a nation borne of Christian thought." If listeners have not become too depressed about the state of the world, they will find the three instrumental bonus tracks.

--- Hometown CD Review 11-24-04

Contributing musicians:
Elijah Emanuel (lead vocals, background vocals, rhythm guitar, Nyabinghi hand drum),
Prophet Hi-Fi (Warwick bass, shadow bass, Fender Rhodes),
Nate Silas Richardson (acoustic guitar),
Louis Nueburger (drums),
Alexander Chapin Somerville (acoustic piano, keyboard), Brian Teel (Hohner clavinet),
Slah Dowlatshahi (electric guitar),
Andy Gelb (trombone, trumpet),
Jason Robinson (tenor sax, flute),
Christian Mills (percussion),
John Allen (drums)


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