Bank robbery suspect arrested in Imperial Beach

Claimed to be armed with a gun and bomb

The Navy Federal Credit Union in the Southland Plaza Shopping Center on Saturn Boulevard in the South Bay area of San Diego was robbed at about 4 p.m. Monday, December 17, according to the San Diego Police Department According to San Diego Police Lt. Paul Rorrison, a man entered the Navy Federal Credit Union branch on 555 Saturn Boulevard at about 4:30 p.m. and told employees he had a gun and a bomb strapped to his body. The teller discretely added a small GPS tracking device to the undisclosed amount of cash she handed the suspect who then fled on foot. FBI agents and SDPD were able to track the money to a nearby residence in Imperial Beach less then an hour from when the robbery began. A perimeter was established around the home on California Street at Grove Avenue where the suspect was hiding and shortly after 5:15 p.m. took a man matching witness’ descriptions into custody. FBI agents on the scene were tight-lipped but a SDPD officer confirmed, “We got the guy we were looking for.” Witness Rhonda Smith was in the credit union to open a savings account with her son said “I was sitting right where I could see everything and didn’t see a thing. It wasn’t until a bank employee announced that we were on lockdown that we knew something had happened. Afterwards my son asked if we were still opening an account and I told him, maybe another time.”

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Instead of a red dye packet, they slip in a tiny GPS unit. Verrry interesting. Anything that stops this pandemic of bank robberies, almost all of which net the robbers relatively little, is welcome.

GPS is interesting......did you see "No Country For Old Men"???

It was set in the late 70's or early 80's and a boatload of drug money had a transmitter hidden in it- I don't know if it was a GPS per say, but you could tell where the money was by the transmitter....

According to the FBI, the suspect is identified as Roberto Amado Sepulveda, 24 and has been tied to two other bank robberies from November. Bank surveillance photos from the Chase Bank branch in Imperial Beach on Nov. 17 and the American West Bank in Point Loma on Nov. 21. point to Sepulveda as the suspect. The robber in both cases put a device on the counter and indicated it was a bomb. Both times they were determined to be fake. "It was a good pinch." said a San Diego Sheriff deputy when asked for a quote.

I did. A GPS device in the suitcase with the narco money, wasn't it? What stayed with me after seeing that film was Javier Bardem and that gizmo he used to poke holes in peoples heads.

Yea, I think the dye pack days are over. The dye made a mess but didn't necessarily help the cops find the thief. I think we will be seeing GPS devices used in all sorts of applications.

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