I want, need to whistle while i work.

I called green thumb, they say something different from last year, see, last year they said the hiring is done in january, now they say march.

Alls well, only two month difference.

I called before heading to the cinema.

I saw the hobbit.

I was unaware that it was only the first of three, is it not just Beowulf expounded?

No shoes? Is that the whole gig with the hobbits, but then again, many didn't wear shoes, well no, only the hobbits and the goblins go shoeless.

But one can discern the rubber made to appear like flesh, to make the hobbit feet appear larger, and when they land, their foot, one can discern the rubber's jiggly nature.

What's the deal with that aspect? Somewhere in the books there must be an explanation.

I'd like to begin reading fantasy, and science fictions, I'm interested in Asimov, or, as I move.

I want to move to Alaska, figure something out, get a degree up there, pay my debts eventually.

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