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We’re special

Gas sold on base has no State or federal tax included. It should be about 50 cents cheaper but these private vendors are ripping off the people that least deserve it.

Blame the geeks

So, $44 Million to shave eight minutes off the ride from SDSU to Downtown while regular buses still clog the now narrowed streets on the route. Can you say boondoggle?

Life in prison? "I didn't plan this."

Breaking Bad never glorified the use of Meth. The show was all about the consequences of actions.

Only looks illegal

Looks At Men Only . . .Laughs And Mocks Openly. . .Laughably Amateur Modus Operandi

Jack sued by Michael Shames!

Completely idiotic and frivolous. Of COURSE a Jumbo Jack costs a little more when not part of a combo. The whole idea of a combo meal is to get you to save a little cash by spending a little more for more food. This raises the $ per transaction average and benefits both the consumer and the store.

Next up: Shameless sues every cable company in the country for charging more for un-bundled internet. Meh.

Street neighbor: at God's Extended Hand

This pic is NOT the line for God's Extended Hand. What it is, is an uncredited photograph of people waiting in line for free burritos. If you're not going to pay me for pics, at least give me credit for the pic . . . .

DJ/engineer buys run-down North Park building

Full implementation of this plan will remove ALL parking from Florida to Idaho. How will any business profit without street parking?

Borrego Springs's Mud Caves

Have fun at the mud caves, but PLEASE do not go in the caves or anywhere nearby within two weeks of rain. Just walking in the wrong place could cause 1000 years of erosion when the mud is not dry. Always bring at least one backup light and one glowstick per person. The consequences of getting lost in these caves are often fatal.

San Diego Wants to Extend Red Light Camera Ticketing, Bid Document Reveals

First, if the public wants to do anything subversive, all they need to do is wear a baseball cap or visor while driving. I was just in court in Vista and got nicked for $535 for a lousy red light cam ticket. Three different people got off because of WEARING BASEBALL CAPS and not being positively ID'd.

Second, and I've said this before, but Mexico actually has us beat on this one. Green lights blink twice before the light turns yellow. That way there is absolutely no excuse for running a red light.

Bring that up here along with all that NAFTA crap.


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