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Don't mess with Texas' labor pool

As an ongoing thought, many organizations have commitees often headed up by a Board Member that oversee the operations. These commitees are made up of a senior staff person, a board member, labor (Teachers, staff) and qualified participants. Each Board Member should have a responsibility to the board to be "Up to Speed" on their commitees actions and recommendations. These commitees should be: - Finance - Facilities/Real Estate, - Staffing and Wages - Grants and Funding
- Curriculum and Programs

Note a commitee could create sub-commitees, but the Board member still has responsibility to report to the board and public.

Just a thought for added oversight, prior to hireing a new superintendent. BBQ

Don't mess with Texas' labor pool

miagd, I question your statement " The majority of the district knows who should be superintendent.". Who is this person?

I have a very hard time believing that anyone already "Known" in the area could walk into SUHSD and make a difference. All of our "Known" candidates have some link to the nepotistic, good old boys network of two bit ,movers and shakers here in the San Diego South Bay.

A nephew here, a wedding party there, here a link, there a contract....

We see a lot of well meaning people (On the surface) having past relations with many others of questionable ie potential profit motivation.

An open process to vet candidates with well written requirements and job description is the first step. Board control of the second level of staff is also of critical concern, those employees need to understand who they really work for, the board and the people not the superintendent.


Okay…we'll take Steve

I am not sure if this is a soap opera, "As the South Bay Turns" a comedy, "Parks and City Council", Horror, "The Undead Council" or SciFi, "The Outer Limits (of CV politics)".

I said this before about SUHSD, if it was not so important, it would be funny....

As a friend used to say "the things around here used to amaze me, now they only amuse me..."


Okay…we'll take Steve

Two things come to mind for me, 1) Chaos management, keeping things so confused that no one can tell the manager is inept. 2) The thought that any club that has politicians as members, I would not wish to join.

As for number one SUHSD is/was a prime example, confuse/contrive/con were the three Cs of that organization, and the head confusee is now on City Council????

Number 2 really stands out for me that I hate being around all of the egos and big headed politicians. Weather they show up to a volunteer activity I am participating in or a Board Meeting with the artificial separation and superiority of the dias in the meeting rooms.

Where are the opportunities for meaningful dialog with our leaders, true input from the disenfranchised and forward progress without bankrupting the public or lining the pockets of someone or another?


Okay…we'll take Steve

Hey, we all live in a very small pond where you don't need to be a 1% to be a mover and shaker. That goes to say the rest of us need to be extra vigilent of the snake oil salesmen (and women) around us.
If it's too good to believe, it's probably bunk..... BBQ

Condition: bleak

I too will say it's night and day between the former Super and Board, and what seems to be happening now. How long have we waited for a true appraisal of the real estate situation?

Thank you to the new board for taking this seriously.

It just goes to show ya, "Figures don't lie, but liers figure". How many more bad agreements and contracts did SUHSD enter into over the last 10 or 12 years? Allient, Grand Canyon, South Bay Community Services?????

Again a lot to dig out, how about hiring Al Alt back as a consultant, I think he already knows where most of the stuff is hidden, that is if Diane Russo didn't rehide them while she was around. BBQ

Horton's at the door

Susan you are so correct on the necessity of additional dialog.
My suggestion to the citizenry of Chula Vista, Sweetwater Union and CV Elementary school districts is to be involved with the representatives you have alligned with or voted for.

My example is if you believe that John McCann is your man (Not Mine) and has your interests in mind, contact him and be sure he knows what you are thinking about the issues of the community, not just the ideas of the so called power brokers at the lincoln club or David Malcom, or the Political elite.

He and the others are supposed to have available office hours to earn (?) their $50K per year. Pester the heck out of him/them to look at issues from a citizen's point of view, demand your "FaceTime".

The politics and politicians of this community/region are way to "comfortable" not only with each other and the "power elite", but with the ease of doing what they want, due to the lack of scrutiny of the press and public. BBQ

Dollars and nonsense in Chula Vista

So, reading the other development story in the Reader this week about the SunRoad Projects in Kearney Mesa and parking, what's Chula doing?

It appears nothing with regards to parking. As developments move away from having Driveways they need at least one additional parking spot per residence beyond garage spaces. Two adults, two cars (Minimum), plus the reason for a larger garage is for all of the other things we have from bicycles and motorcycles to excersize equipment, surfboards or workshops.

Yes those things are part of life and living in Southern California. Maybe soon to be former Mayor Cox has forgotten about those things stareing into her new Diamond.


Dollars and nonsense in Chula Vista

A pool is one thing, all of the developments have pools, but where are the Pools that have Lane swimming, ability to play water polo, and competitions? Allong with the other "Recreation Facilities". SUHSD isn't building it, the city is not building it.

Where are the advantages of fine suburban living? It's pay for this and Pay for that in the East.

Having been involved with the OTC from the beginning (if you look ground breaking photos there will be a much younger me in the photos) and having spent a large amount of time at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs in the early 1980s, The OTC In Chula was once at the ideal site for a training center, a bit out of the way and off by itself, those things are great for an High Performance Training center. However it is still out of the way and sort of by itself, albet surrounded by over populated Developments. The OTC will never be able to be a major Recreational facility of Chula Vista it is realitively specialized and definitely out of the way with all of the East Side access issues.

Overall Planning just throw it out the window ... the credo of Chula Vista and SUHSD politics.


Dollars and nonsense in Chula Vista

Damn another worry in the community, As I keep saying it's difficult to believe that our elected public servants can be so short sighted and so in the pockets of the monied developers.

Density kills quality of life unless it is well planned with community activities and community resources such as access, shopping and Recreation.

Everyday there are backups getting onto and off of the 805 at all of the major east-west streets from Bonita to Palm. The impassable void of the Oay river valley to the south, and Bonita/ Sweetwater River Valley toi th north, the lack of a planning to 1: cross them and 2: protect it from this rampant cut and fill development.

The east side pays taxes, and additional Mello Roos to maintain our roads, pay outside companies to maintain "city" or common spaces, but we are shortchanged on community funding for Recreation and real solutions to transportation, sorry busses are still a ways out in the Future for acceptance.

No real plan for facilities such as grocery stores or ANY RECREATION FACILITIES, the only indoor gym east of Bonita-Otay Lakes Road at Southwestern is Salt Creek, and very little available south and east of Telegraph Canyon- Otay Lakes Road, a few soccer fields and basketball courts.

The city council must be counting the Olympic Training Center as Recreation space? What's up with that?



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