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Chula Vista ranked 100 of 100 in recreation

Don et. al., After a quick review of the survey criteria I do feel that its a bit of a stretch, using beer gardens and subjective evaluations of climate to determine "Recreation". However the survey still shows the perspective that Chula Vista is a little backwater compared to our big sister San Diego.

I challenge our city council to pull their collective heads out and plan a long term sustainable future for the city of Chula Vista. Reading the experts opinions attached to the survey, We are not protecting, maintaining and improving our overall city facilities.

Here in the South Bay our school systems, Community College and City seem to be relying on each other and the YMCA to supply all of the "Recreation" facilities and programs. No one coordinating leading or planning the next major change.

Just like the bayfront project, Chula Vista stumbles into things like taking over the Olympic Training Center, how much money will be funneled away from our local families and facilities, the USOC does not give up a viable facility without due analysis.

The city changes zoning and original urban planning like a flag in a hurricane, without vetting and review, depending on who is blowing,. Chula Vista bedroom community to our sisters to the north, San Diego and the south Tijuana.

I attended the Otay Ranch Firehouse 4th of July Pancake Breakfast for the 9th time, every 4th since moving back to the area and commented to my son how diverse a neighborhood we lived in.... Why can't our city and community leaders capitalize on that to create a solid image of the 21st century?


Chula Vista ranked 100 of 100 in recreation

Where can we find the full report, I would like the city council of Chula Vista to explain why we are at the bottom of the list. Oh I know we have neglected facilities in the Western part of the city and inadaquite facilities on the southeastern part of the city (John McCann), where we let the developers build more and more housing without public space, recreation facilities or city programs and activities for youth . At least John did not speak at Olympian High School Graduation but did walk out early, it takes a lot of short steps to walk 100 yards.... BBQ

Chargers or Comic-Con? SD can't get both (and needs neither)

An additional thought, if the downtown "Convadium" is built is the County Funding still involved? If we go downtown the county taxpayers and businesses are left holding the bag. No County money for the "Convadium"!!!!! BBQ

Chargers or Comic-Con? SD can't get both (and needs neither)


  1. First and foremost a tax by any other name is still a tax,
  2. Second this prescribing where and how "Public" monies are spent is a travesty when the collectors (Hotel Industry) are also the benefactors of the Tax. (Corporate Welfare once again, These Hotels should be promoting their properties with their own budgets.)

In many cities there is a respectable tourist and activities board or council that using TOT funding, assists in funding events and activities that both bring in tourists and benefit the residents/public. In San Diego this organization is too inbred supporting events such as the Holiday and Poinsettia Bowls, the Golf Tourney, Comic-Con, ( In San Diego emphasis on the CON part as this article does). Have you seen the amount the CEOs of these non-profits pay themselves? (Multiple six figures).

Again while the TOT appears to not effect the general public, it does with the general raising of the costs of visiting our city. If we believe in the free market system, the additional hotel costs (TOT) would be spent on additional Zoo Tickets and Meals at non-hotel business throughout the city and county, etc.

In closure I think the "Fun" is being had by the Hotel Industry, Chargers and additional Non-Profits at all of our expense.


Growing pains in the South Bay

About twenty years ago I lived in Argentina, during one of their few successful economic periods, they had a very interesting method of taking care of their infrastructure, social and financial issues. First they had a problem with their military retirement funding, so they taxed gasoline.... then they had a problem paying for their roads so they taxed alcohol (booze).... then consumer goods with a VAT for schools.... nothing had proper linkage or reason for what they did and where is Argentina now, back to the good old 1960s and 70s.

Chula Vista and similarly San Diego have never been able to prioritize, allocate funding and plan a successful maintenance or attrition based programs. The reasons we have government, cities and social structure, is to supplying common services to the citizens of the community.

Chula Vista in particular has the dual taxation areas of Mello Roos in the east where those homeowners pay for "Open" ie public facilities and the west siders "only" (sarcasm) pay "Regular" property taxes.

My suggestion is the city scale back on the greenfield development in the east, (MORE is not always better) until the early issues in the east are solved, Public Swimming Pools, indoor gym space, traffic. In the older western sections create "special project or assessment districts" to assess and fund the repairs to sewers, water systems and roads.

Chula Vista City Council lift your head up and look around at what you have and need, in order to move the rest of the city into the 21st century instead of resting your laurels on how great (Not Very!!!!) you are doing developing the Eastern part of our city.

Maybe it's time to divide the city in half, how"s the City of "Otay Lake" sound to you??? BBQ

Sense of mistrust at Southwestern Community College

Thanks, my son was one of the award winners, he has moved on and is attending Ball State University in Indiana completing a journalism degree. He's an excellent sports writer.... I would be the first to say I underestimated what our community college system does for our area and students. We should be proud of the systems but ever watchful of the management and boards. BBQ

Sense of mistrust at Southwestern Community College

cvret, As a parent and community member, I ask you to please reconsider what you are saying about SWCC athletics, while it may seem to be spending a lot of money on athletics, the programs at all of the community colleges give student/athletes a chance after high school to compete and succeed.
My son who was a sports writer for the SWCC Sun newspaper wrote many stories about SWCC Athletes competing for two years at SWCC and then receiving opportunities to play D1, D2 and NAIA collegiate sports and receive their education. Also about the coaches and educators that motivated, built self-esteem and prepared young adults for successful lives. Our community colleges are an integral part of our education system, especially now that our High Schools are not preparing our students with the practical "lifeskills" taught and learned by us "older americans".
All of us should be aware and active in the Education of our youth and Education system. BBQ

Port Commissioner rents yacht berth from Marriot while voting on hotel’s lease

Alex, I fully understand and was really being sarcastic about "we the People", especially here in this wonderful little corner of the world, San Diego. While I agree with your analysis, I find it an incredibly sad and negative opinion. I am not a mover and shaker, I believe in community and charitable service and speaking my mind. Again your response, while true, it is just so frustrating to watch the "Takers and Users" of our society (Rich, Powerful and politically connected) keep covering their own and each others Butts (A--ES).

Port Commissioner rents yacht berth from Marriot while voting on hotel’s lease

peter45 et. al. as I do not have a yacht, or even a rowboat, I do not have a clue what the moorage rate is. If Bob Nelson is getting a "Deal" or somehow got priority to access a slip in the "most expensive marina" ie. "most exclusive" than there might be a quid pro quo conflict of interest. Also not knowing Commissioner Nelson or his public relations firm. I would bet the Yacht belongs to his "Company" and it's a major expense written off his taxes.
I have an issue with the Power Brokers and their access to the decision makers in our region. Too many decision makers giving funding, jobs and special consideration to each other. "Conflict of Interest" What has happened to government "of the people, by the people and for the people"? BBQ

UCSD's costly ad switch: Chargers to Trolley

I am disgusted with the whole concept of a "Not-for Profit" publically supported Institution such as UCSD and the UC Health system committing this much funding to a pure advertising scheme. I can think of numerous ways that $30 Million could be used to promote healthy living through investments in recreational facilities, programs and clinic availability throughout our communities. I ask what's going to happen with the $188 Million that the Metropolitain Water District is receiving? How will that be returned to the public that already paid in? One hopes it's not big raises to the staff of the district as they pat themselves on the back!!!! Perhaps it will be used to improve the water service in the city or for improvements to some of our public facilities, Balboa Park and Morley Field perhaps, both sitting on 30 year old "20 year plans" never started. I will be working on "Shovel Ready" Projects for the next time these crazy schemes involving these kinds of $$$$ show up. BBQ


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