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Only a fence between them

CVsincethe70s, I look at the record and see this is the first time you have ever commented to the reader, welcome, if it really is not the first time just a new Nom de plume, Pen Name, shame on you.

Before calling the author and others names, review their other work before condeming them to shoddy journalism and or bias. You certainly leave no doubt about your bias, yet, I do not know who you represent

Susan has been a major contributor to the changes at Sweetwater, weather you like her politics and style or not, she at least gets people to look into what's going on and hopefully acting out to find and make their own opinions on the issues. For this I am grateful that we have the alternate information site.

As for Charter Schools, I am sure there are many with fine rational for their existance, specialized ESL for one or specialized STEM, however I do believe that their is a darker side to some Charters and that is GREED. I am not aware of SilverWings Charter and will not comment on where it sits in the continum of Need to Greed, however there seem to be issues with its location and possibly with its communication, only based on this article.

I have issue with the need for a school to be completely separate from the district which I pay taxes and currently Mello-Roos (Charter). I also have issue with a union that will not properly vet teachers and programs to provide what is needed by the community a school building resides in, ie variable class sizes and or teaching hours to provide the necessary skills to our students for their success.

However, If a community wants specifics in their local school, there are School site councils and other avenues other than the paneca of Charter Schools, which can often have limited public oversight. I like to have an opportunity to see where my taxes go and elect the people in charge of over seeing the spending, which is one reason SUHSD has a completely new Board!!!


Land sakes, Sweetwater, get it together

Maty, I see a CFD Audit Meeting listed for Saturday Feb 7, at 8:00 am in the Board Conf. Room. Is that the meeting you were talking about?

Land sakes, Sweetwater, get it together

Maty, First I've heard of the Mello Audit Meeting, Info? What happened from the facility use study meeting from December? It was a bit chaotic when I had to leave. Thursday's meeting I will be late but plan to appear, to much going on with Mr. Calhoun !!!! BBQ, CAVE

Land sakes, Sweetwater, get it together

So the district goes on with the Real Estate folly. I can only assume the need to move quickly with these things are:

  1. Pending payment of L Street Principle
  2. Money from City for Rezoning process
  3. Requirements or payments for Eastside Adminstration Building, lease/purchase.

I suspect that, the City contribution looks like a good deal until you look at what actons it is forcing, no adaquite review of the need, method or outcome of the continued property swap. Also, what did the interium board actually sign up for with the New (Ed Brand) Adminstration Building?

5 years ago I asked the CFO, Ms Russo, if every Dollar cost the same or had the same value to SUHSD and she said yes... I nearly laughed in her face, the cost of money, weather it is in interest, favors, rushed planning or programatic needs varies a whole lot!!!

We must stop his chaos management process at the district, regroup and plan the future, not just react to the past blunders weather they were legal or not!!!

Again could we be throwing caution to the wind for the want of a few dollars???

BBQ, Citizens Active for Value in Education

Catching up with John

While not a McCann fan or being able to recognize Ms. Salas at Sprouts, we are as they say where we are.

So rather than continue the name calling and who is who's lackey, how about we start taking a good solid look at the pending issues within Chula Vista. I will admit I am not on top of what the next few years will bring with regards to the Council.

Other than deteriorating infastructure, a stalled Bayfront project, expansion of projects in the eastern end of the city, what issues will the illustrious council have to contend with, Contracts, Taxes, disaster plans?

Please we are spending too much time on the players and not the plays (Decisions/Votes) or the game (Long Term Planning).

Don't mess with Texas' labor pool

As an ongoing thought, many organizations have commitees often headed up by a Board Member that oversee the operations. These commitees are made up of a senior staff person, a board member, labor (Teachers, staff) and qualified participants. Each Board Member should have a responsibility to the board to be "Up to Speed" on their commitees actions and recommendations. These commitees should be: - Finance - Facilities/Real Estate, - Staffing and Wages - Grants and Funding
- Curriculum and Programs

Note a commitee could create sub-commitees, but the Board member still has responsibility to report to the board and public.

Just a thought for added oversight, prior to hireing a new superintendent. BBQ

Don't mess with Texas' labor pool

miagd, I question your statement " The majority of the district knows who should be superintendent.". Who is this person?

I have a very hard time believing that anyone already "Known" in the area could walk into SUHSD and make a difference. All of our "Known" candidates have some link to the nepotistic, good old boys network of two bit ,movers and shakers here in the San Diego South Bay.

A nephew here, a wedding party there, here a link, there a contract....

We see a lot of well meaning people (On the surface) having past relations with many others of questionable ie potential profit motivation.

An open process to vet candidates with well written requirements and job description is the first step. Board control of the second level of staff is also of critical concern, those employees need to understand who they really work for, the board and the people not the superintendent.


Okay…we'll take Steve

I am not sure if this is a soap opera, "As the South Bay Turns" a comedy, "Parks and City Council", Horror, "The Undead Council" or SciFi, "The Outer Limits (of CV politics)".

I said this before about SUHSD, if it was not so important, it would be funny....

As a friend used to say "the things around here used to amaze me, now they only amuse me..."


Okay…we'll take Steve

Two things come to mind for me, 1) Chaos management, keeping things so confused that no one can tell the manager is inept. 2) The thought that any club that has politicians as members, I would not wish to join.

As for number one SUHSD is/was a prime example, confuse/contrive/con were the three Cs of that organization, and the head confusee is now on City Council????

Number 2 really stands out for me that I hate being around all of the egos and big headed politicians. Weather they show up to a volunteer activity I am participating in or a Board Meeting with the artificial separation and superiority of the dias in the meeting rooms.

Where are the opportunities for meaningful dialog with our leaders, true input from the disenfranchised and forward progress without bankrupting the public or lining the pockets of someone or another?


Okay…we'll take Steve

Hey, we all live in a very small pond where you don't need to be a 1% to be a mover and shaker. That goes to say the rest of us need to be extra vigilent of the snake oil salesmen (and women) around us.
If it's too good to believe, it's probably bunk..... BBQ


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