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Atmosphere project no longer up in the air

As much as I hate to see public funds used (indirectly through tax credits), this type of affordable housing development is desperately needed. The per square foot costs are usually exorbitant on them. It makes you wonder if the bidding process is really working in the public's favor. I'd like to see more affordable housing built in some of the outlying cities like Santee, and El Cajon. These are generally less expensive areas to build and nearer to employment centers. Perhaps, fewer tax credits would be used and a wider range of people would benefit from them.

Who’s minding San Diego’s council districts?

Videos might be the answer. Perhaps, our city council people and/or their reps. could video tape walking their districts, interview the locals and post the good/bad/ and ugly along with their actions to resolve issues.

Of leather kilts and opposing bulwarks

There are certainly many more worse crimes going on during these large events that the police can focus on. Times are changing and less clothing isn't that unacceptable as it once was. Bottom line, no pun intended, laws need to be enforced equally or changed.

They said, he said

Very interesting article. Sounds like this is just the beginning of a longer story on the evolution of Hillcrest in to a higher and higher priced part of the city. I bet North Park would welcome Revivals.

Two bees collect nectar from a bottle brush tree in North Park.

To be or not to two bees? The question has been answered with this beautiful picture.

North Park’s Bodhi Animal Clinic gets new vets

I agree dwbat, green is the new white except at the refreshed Ralph's Shopping Center in Hillcrest. White is back along with grey.

What the F?

I'm thinking retail since it's being gutted. Just about anything would be an improvement. "F" Street was a good neighbor while they maintained the building and grounds. Unfortunately, that all changed a couple years ago and it got progressively worse.

Space for a Shack in Hillcrest?

Love the title of this article, it caught my attention! I've stopped by this Radio Shack location a couple times and found the sales people to be very helpful. I hope they are able to stay in Hillcrest. They're in a very competitive business and somehow need to change their image to one more current.Good luck to them.

Where low-income LGBT seniors can live

More housing for seniors with very limited incomes is sorely needed especially in San Diego's more densely populated areas. I'm sure that no on one meeting the income and age qualifications would be turned away from applying for an apt. Seniors, especially ones that are GLBT are especially vulnerable to discrimination from their peers. A welcoming, reasonably priced, safe place to live would be a godsend to them.


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