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O.B./Point Loma McMansion plans spark border war

Developers rule this City. Did you notice that Filner's people were fired immediately, before his resignation was final? That was because they were standing up for neighborhoods. First step is firing Faulkner, and replacing him with someone law abiding.

Junior Seau's doctor-buddy could lose license

Ambien is often prescribed for sleeplessness, depending on the amount prescribed, this doesn't seem so excessive. Usually they refer to a psychiatrist. We should remember that football scrambled Mr. Seau's brain, as revealed by autopsy. Finding blame after a suicide is normal, but we should remember that the minds of those who do it lack a normal sense of consequences. He might have attempted suicide before he ever took Ambien. Thousands of football players suffered terrible brain damage, while doctors failed to notice. I won't defend Dr. Chao without hearing more, but there is plenty of guilt in football medicine, and this is not the pill party locker room we used to hear about.

Hey, Bernie: Hillary has diddled with Wall Street

She's playing "hide and go seek with" transcripts of her talks, "spin the bottle" with multiple banking firms, and has "hit the jackpot" with gambling proceeds from the rigged game that has U.S. taxpayers backing derivatives gambling. Her feigned ignorance reminds of the famous lines from Casablanca. "I was shocked, SHOCKED to learn that gambling was allowed on Wall Street."...."Take your winnings Ma'am"...."Round up the usual suspects.".

Hey, Bernie: Hillary has diddled with Wall Street

There are those who think Sanders and supporters are hard on Hillary, they will learn how soft they are when they face Republicans. They might actually find a provable crime, there certainly is a pile of loot, and nothing sold except for influence.

Hey, Bernie: Hillary has diddled with Wall Street

Sanders knows these abuses, he contents himself with outlining her horrific breaches of ethics, and stops short of accusing her of crime. He's serious, and the fact that one can gain $150.000.000 for speaking fees LEGALLY after leaving office is the real issue.

Two teams demand millions for stadium upgrades

There is nothing wrong with Qualcomm Stadium, I never heard a complaint before the remodel. The remodel damaged it, but the freaky building now proposed would be no improvement.

Pellet-gun parrot popper perplexes police

Parrots are noisy, that's likely the motive, they are noisiest when they nest at Sunrise and Sunset. Likely someone lives near their nest, and hates to wake up when they do. They don't nest very near the ground, so shooting them would likely take repeated shots, they aren't large. Shooting them on the wing would be nearly impossible. Find their communal nest, near where they've shot, I've seen them in untrimmed palm trees. if that's where they are, they could only be shot when they return from foraging, because the nest is well hidden. Keep your eyes open bird lovers, we'll catch this killer.

Chargers release so-called financing plan

The Chargers have a history of finding reasons to tear up leases, they have never stayed to the end of the lease. We could have StadiumCon, a wart in Mission Valley, and no Chargers.

Chargers release so-called financing plan

Keep an eye on the Mission Valley land, the value there is comparable to the Con-Stadium price. If they can play it like they're selling to SDSU, people might approve the sale. A downtown stadium will end tailgating, and the Con-Stadium might well be inferior to our present Stadium in many ways.

Dean Spanos's new hired hand

The Chargers want the Stadium land, the Sports Arena land, and will likely condemn Downtown land as well. They have announced this at various times. The City has little money on hand, but has thousands of acres of valuable real estate.


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