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Fabiani has a laugh

The sketched development looks absurd, but the plan is to steamroller legalities through a ballot measure that would make new law, passed through an election with even less voters than Faulkner's anointing. Trouble is, their plan looks worse than the Charger plan that was laughed out of town, all the way to Oceanside.

Fabiani has a laugh

The drawings of the proposed monstrosity prove what I've been writing here all along, this whole game of Three Card Monte is about stealing City parkland for cheesy condos. The Chargers might be interested, they proposed something similar years ago, but that proposal left Spanos in possession of the condos. Since other developers would get the plunder under this scam, it's a non starter with the Chargers.

Because one opera company isn't enough

So long as the two companies don't perform on the same night, they should help each other's attendance. This is great news. Both companies will doubtless bleed tons of money, but Opera isn't about money, it's about love.

Young, black, and...hassled?

A lawsuit against the City for police conduct is not done for quick cash, unlike many misdemeanors and civil cases filed by the City Attorney. As a practical matter, typically I would urge someone to forget such an incident and move on, just as I would recommend following police instructions, even if unlawful. It's great that someone has the time, money and interest to correct the excesses of our police. They don't police themselves.

Young, black, and...hassled?

She's right to take her case to court, and it's a public service to do so, win or lose. If she beat the DA in court already, she might have a case. She didn't start this. Let's hope we learn the whole story. If an attorney has seen a trial transcript and advised her to proceed, our Police Dept. might lose the City yet another six figure lawsuit.

San Diego ranks 30th as baseball city

Perhaps they average in season tickets and complimentary tickets. There are no tickets currently available under $15.00

NFL team could play in L.A. in 2016

When comparing this proposed Stadium to the San Francisco Stadium, we should remember that San Francisco's Candlestick Park was a disaster, foggy and miserably cold in a pleasant city, with wind conditions that disrupted play. They had real reason to replace Candlestick. No one complains about conditions at Qualcomm, only that the City hasn't maintained it. We could spend one billion dollars and get an inferior stadium. In the crazy pitchman's spiel, used to promote this new Stadium, very similar to the one replaced, they don't bother to tell us the deficiencies this new Stadium will fix. Our Stadium doesn't need to be replaced.

This Chargers stadium proposal? Watch it.

I doubt this plan will please the Chargers, I suspect they want all the Stadium property for themselves, as well as the right to condemn downtown land with skyscraper permits in their pocket. We'll see. Whatever agreement they sign, they will threaten to leave the City with a useless Stadium. The Chargers refused to honor every contract they signed with the City. Saddling the City with a billion dollar boondoggle will only improve their bargaining position. It would be better to just pay the Chargers to play at Qualcomm, at least we would get an honest mugging, rather than a robbery to be named later.


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