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Finale or interlude?

The play flopped as tragedy, but was a triumphant farce. Long live Opera!

Finale or interlude?

What do you mean not a good performance? That speech and the chorus of boos is the stuff of legend, to be remembered long after we're gone. This is what makes theater so vital, no one really knows what will happen, and the crowd sometimes takes over.

Seals and people to be together at last?

No one used this beach, that's why the seals moved in. After they did the tourists followed, along with local nature enthusiasts. Don't be fooled, it's about grumpy old people hating people, not seals. Follow the money.

Finale or interlude?

I want to thank him for some truly ridiculous escapades, even as I urge the accountants to search the books. His attempt to address the audience at his final show brought art and life together magically. Like a character in a play, he was oblivious to his comic pride. He made obvious his plan to leave town by dissing this city, which changed him from flopping tenor to pompous ass. NYC will cut him back to size. If his fiance' still wants him to walk the dogs in Central Park after he loses one hundred pounds from the neck up, bless them both, that's love.

Nothing stank with Balboa Park Celebration, Inc.

Filner should get credit for pulling the plug on a fiasco, but the city's fiasco is someone's paycheck. Nothing gives Filner more honor than the cast of characters that hate him, and the lies they tell. It's bipartisan, and spreads across government and business, from federal, state, and local. And across this town, wherever a horribly ugly violation of zoning and common sense is erected, you will find the enrichment of a Filner enemy.

Angels flip off Snow White

I'm not opposed to proposals for grand projects in principle, I think they should be paid for, and not be part of some dishonest scheme to loot the City's real estate portfolio. They should be needed, or a true addition to our City, and the needed projects should come first. We need streets, water and sewers. We can afford to fix these and consider other improvements, when this town will consider new taxes. We don't need, personally I don't even want, a Crack Central Con-Stadium. Our present Stadium is a perfectly sited architectural masterpiece, in all the blather, no one can find a serious flaw.

Angels flip off Snow White

The proposed grab of the parking lot land sounds very familiar, the Chargers proposed a similar scheme not long ago, I expect them to try it again. Note the claim to contribute to the stadium construction, when actually they're only low balling the real estate price. Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait wins praise very few San Diego politicians earn. Seems like he's not completely in the pocket of the sports billionaires. Be careful Mayor!

Stadium, convention center lies you will hear

The City's failure to properly maintain our present Stadium shouldn't be used as an argument to build a new one. Qualcomm Stadium is a permanent structure, with proper maintenance it could last for centuries. Maintenance costs should be considered, but the cost of maintaining the strange proposed hybrid is likely more expensive than fixing and maintaining the current structure. There's nothing basically wrong with our Stadium, if there was, the specifics would be repeated endlessly. If they could pull the spoiled rich kid trick of wrecking the Beemer to get a Mercedes, they might, but the best they can do is let the paint peel, and keep the maintenance crew from pulling weeds. A few centuries of that, and the concrete might show wear.

Chief of staff at CPUC resigns

It's sad when people send emails while in bed with each other, they must be married.

Cost of Chargers game about average

Field level seats in 1968: $4.50. The product has not improved.


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