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Chief of staff at CPUC resigns

It's sad when people send emails while in bed with each other, they must be married.

Cost of Chargers game about average

Field level seats in 1968: $4.50. The product has not improved.

Poll: San Diegans don't want to subsidize stadium

Keep an eye on the real estate scam when the proposal is finally revealed. The tax coffers have already been looted, but the City still has 126,000 acres of real estate to be plundered. The Qualcomm Stadium site might be worth billions when developed.

Poll: San Diegans don't want to subsidize stadium

They might try a hundred year lease. If memory serves, a simple majority passes a land sale, unlike a tax. Spanos would have to be sure of the financing, and that might not be easy. There is a condo glut right now.

Bitter split at San Diego Opera

I was imagining singing highlights in the original language, where the drama in the spoken play fits loosely or not, so the coloratura could audition with a first act solo, the Stagehand could tell her how wonderful she did, then they could sing the duet together, she predicts he will be a star.... Basically the sort of plot they use to paste together all those show tunes in 1930's musicals. You could skip expensive costumes and tell a story in modern dress. Handel Operas, and much opera in the seventeenth century was constructed this way. But the details aren't important, the important thing is to be creative, try to do something new, singable and fun, and if you're stuck on a warhorse, then take off your hat and wave it in the air.

Bitter split at San Diego Opera

The fun thing would be to stitch together opera highlights in various stages of rehearsal, with the singers staying in character, even as they jump from Mozart to Puccini.

Poll: San Diegans don't want to subsidize stadium

Keep an eye on the present Stadium land, in the first Charger proposal, development there was supposed to cover the whole cost, with the Stadium remaining on the site. Real estate prices dropped, and the Chargers dropped the proposal. Even when considering moving to Oceanside, the Chargers asked San Diego City to toss in millions, because of the supposed benefit of razing a well designed and perfectly functional stadium, and replacing it with a giant condominium complex. Very likely the proposal will be financed with a low ball sale of City property to the Spanos Family, and they will claim the taxpayers will pay nothing, even as they pay everything in land, and give a tip besides.

Bitter split at San Diego Opera

It does seem like a plot for a fun gala style mashup, with dialogue between the numbers, with the Mezzo demanding more and more money, and when refused, takes the sets and Tenor with her. Naturally the Coloratura continues without her and seems headed for disaster, when the Stagehand who loves her turns out to be a fine tenor, in the final number, performed on improvised sets. Something like that.

Ché Café digs in its heels, lawyers up Well I was there, and this history says it was used for music from the beginning. My memory is, we called it the Che' Cafe' then as well, the Coffee Hut name draws a complete blank. But...this was a long time ago.. Apparently it's one of the oldest buildings on Campus, built over 70 years ago and moved to the new site.

Total Wealth mis-Management

There are geese that lay golden eggs. Their owners try to sell golden eggs, not shares in the geese.


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