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Not called "toilet-to-tap"!

Drink bottled water if concerned. Very little of our water is consumed by drinking.

Marine says ranger roughed him up

Depends what you mean by deserve I suppose. My sympathy ends with the lawsuit, only a schemer would file that, and that makes me doubt he is entitled to the placard. Sounds like $5K and on to the next slip and fall.

Marine says ranger roughed him up

The handicapped placard is only for the use of a handicapped person, any other use is illegal. Just owning the placard doesn't mean others can use it. Abuse of the placard is a misdemeanor if I remember correctly. If he jogged to the restroom, the ranger might reasonably think he was not the handicapped person issued the placard.

White-knuckle descent

As usual it's about the real estate. No one will say what they intend for the Airport land if their scheme succeeds, same as for the Mission Valley land, in the Crack Central Constadium proposal.

Expensive race card

I find no disgrace in Bob Filner, who made all the right enemies. Eventually, the smug satisfaction will be we wiped from the faces of his persecutors. This won't be the last accusation revealed as fraudulent.

Finale or interlude?

The play flopped as tragedy, but was a triumphant farce. Long live Opera!

Finale or interlude?

What do you mean not a good performance? That speech and the chorus of boos is the stuff of legend, to be remembered long after we're gone. This is what makes theater so vital, no one really knows what will happen, and the crowd sometimes takes over.

Seals and people to be together at last?

No one used this beach, that's why the seals moved in. After they did the tourists followed, along with local nature enthusiasts. Don't be fooled, it's about grumpy old people hating people, not seals. Follow the money.


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