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Blame Reagan, Bush Jr, Obama…and Andrew Mellon

Something like, "Money talks, Laffer walks.". We shouldn't give the excuse makers credit for influential philosophy. Greed and self interest will find their Shills.

New sewer lines or new stadium? Your choice.

They didn't quit, they were fired. Removing those honest people from City Government was the true purpose, not defending them from molestation. When law enforcement is engaged in law breaking, and they can convince followers to believe them, there is no defense. Since you are playing the woulda coulda game though, it's obvious that Filner's crime was election to Mayor, because we he served in City Council and Congress for years, and no one reported anything like what was finally alleged to be uncontrollable criminal habit. If they had, he wouldn't have been elected.

Mayor Faulconer's folly

A man advertised a million dollar dog for sale, and when he sold him, I asked him if he got full price. He replied, "Yes, I traded him for two five hundred thousand dollar cats.". The Clipper sale, in trade for sale restricted Microsoft stock, is something like that. Both assets are based on licenses and copyrights on other's work, and are likely overvalued, but who knows? If someone rich enough to buy the dog want's it, it sells.

New sewer lines or new stadium? Your choice.

Nothing you say justifies firing Filner's staff immediately, and replacing them with developer friendly Gloria staff. After all those staff members were supposedly Filner's victims, and overthrow of the people's vote was done to protect them from dirty talk and unwanted hugs. It was a cruel joke. We can't save Filner's reputation, but we can shine a light on the criminal antics of those who replaced the honest people he hired with developer cronies.

Not called "toilet-to-tap"!

Drink bottled water if concerned. Very little of our water is consumed by drinking.

Marine says ranger roughed him up

Depends what you mean by deserve I suppose. My sympathy ends with the lawsuit, only a schemer would file that, and that makes me doubt he is entitled to the placard. Sounds like $5K and on to the next slip and fall.

Marine says ranger roughed him up

The handicapped placard is only for the use of a handicapped person, any other use is illegal. Just owning the placard doesn't mean others can use it. Abuse of the placard is a misdemeanor if I remember correctly. If he jogged to the restroom, the ranger might reasonably think he was not the handicapped person issued the placard.

White-knuckle descent

As usual it's about the real estate. No one will say what they intend for the Airport land if their scheme succeeds, same as for the Mission Valley land, in the Crack Central Constadium proposal.


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