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Mayoral aides turned lobbyists

Yes, and today she's being unusually parsimonious with her typically incessant tweeting (and snarking about residents concerned with impacts of development and density) to Jan Goldsmith shills, KOGO radio talkers, and Carl DeMaio spokesmen. Not a word about the failure of her PRopaganda campaign. By the way, Rach (I know you check The Reader for mention of your name), it's spelled Occam, not Occum.

It's gonna be Kilroy WAS here, and then wasn't. Bye bye. Next job?

Mayoral aides turned lobbyists

On March 25, Kilroy hiree Rachel Laing crowed on Twitter:

Rachel Laing @RachelLaing · Mar 25

29,552 San Diegans asked to withdraw their signatures from anti-One Paseo referendum petition. Prior record for sig-withdrawal was 2,900.

Well, too bad Rach. Your PRopaganda was defective. San Diego Daily Transcript reports today that the San Diego City Council will vote again on May 18, whether to block the development or send the issue to a public vote:

"The opposition group collected enough signatures to call a referendum, the San Diego City Clerk’s office announced Friday. Of 61,301 signatures submitted, 51,796 signatures were verified, reaching the required 5 percent of the city’s registered voters — or 33,224 valid signatures — for a referendum." "Kilroy Realty Corp. (NYSE: KRC) said it submitted an unprecedented 29,552 signature-withdrawal forms for the referendum petition. But of the 18,572 signatures found not sufficient among 51,796 verified signatures, just 3,220 matched withdrawal forms."

Kudos to Matt and Dorian Hargrove of The Reader for excellent coverage of One Paseo.

Utilities on the trail to tiers

Dave Rice: Could the recent California 4th District appellate court decision on tiered water rates apply to electricity tier rates?

"On April 20, 2015, the Fourth District Court of Appeal issued its widely-anticipated decision in Capistrano Taxpayers Association Inc. v. City of San Juan Capistrano, ruling that tiered rate structures designed to encourage water conservation, such that high users pay a progressively higher fee, violate Proposition 218 if they are not tied to actual costs of service."

"...fees for providing a property-related service, such as water delivery, must be proportional to the cost of providing that service, and ... fees cannot be charged for a service unless the service is actually used by, or immediately available to, the property owner."

What kind of racket is Civic San Diego?

Dorian, It's good that you've reminded everyone that the Downtown San Diego Partnership is an arm of Civic San Diego, with Kris Michell at the helm and in control of the Downtown Property-Based Business Improvement District (PBID). For years, you've provided excellent coverage on DSDP, Michell, questionable but well-paid insider PBID consultants, assessment overcharges, and questionable petition/voting processes that allow the PBID to continue to collect money from all downtown property owners (residential and commercial). There is a parallel between the way the DSDP/PBID operates and the way that Civic San Diego operates; a contingent of insiders benefit while the tax-paying property owners pick up the tab and are politely ignored by their City Council. Perhaps someday, with the right kind of mayor/council, things will change. Until then, keep writing about all of them.

More money for city attorney's attorneys

Thank you...all of the Goldsmith games just sort of run together in a big blurry cloud of deceit and dishonesty. Maybe the Who That Is A Miscommunication will surface eventually, after leaving Goldsmith's Planet Whoville, but damning emails that we all know exist will never be seen be seen by anyone outside of Whoville - they will somehow be lost or destroyed or misplaced or stolen, and Goldsmith will just blame The Grinch.

More money for city attorney's attorneys

Great reporting. Goldsmith, glib as always, though not too coherent:

whoever the miscommunication was, ... I don't think we should have had those miscommunications

Dorian, can you refresh my memory? You probably don't know WHO the miscommunication was, but what were "those miscommunications"?

Still, fewer pages than Hillary

This is great! As for what will be turned over: all blacked-out pages. That's how this shabby, seedy, right-wing City Attorney runs his little dog and pony show, using his most incompetent lawyers.

Media spin and legal drama merge in Briggs battle

" I think it's important to keep our focus."

(Our focus???) I'm not part of your "our." Try to keep your focus and stop overseeing mine. In other words, write a comment and leave me out of it. Thanks.

Manchester’s U-T joins Briggs fray

Matt, what McDonald says is totally wrong: you have the biggest class in town and many appreciative students. You spare no one; your writing is honest and straightforward, whereas reading the UT is like reading a textbook that has been doctored by the Texas State School Board.


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