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Better than all the ads containing boobs/butts

Even though my article was turned in prior to the (most recent) horrific shooting, I want to address this letter, for anyone who reads the comments here. In my "Diary," I write about my personal experiences. I make it a point not to discuss world events unless I have a very direct, first-person experience with it. Such as 9-11. Ultimately, my column is meant to be a light-hearted slice-of-life installment, with whatever occasional real-life issue that I may be facing at any given time. I don't write about politics, I'm not a pundit. My column is memoir. As horrified as I am by many things happening in the world right now, as much as the news often makes me cry, you will not likely see any of that in my column. One of the most important things, especially in times like these, is that we do not lose our humanity. We keep living our lives. Otherwise, the terrorists win. If you're looking for reactions to shootings and/or the political circus, there are plenty of columnists, journalists, and talking heads covering that already.

It’s like being in France

Yes, I've been to France, a few times. I say so in the story above. Just reading the headlines today? ;)

Stehly Farms Market opens in Kensington

No, at least not that I saw. But on the next corner, there's both Village Vino (that sells wine retail) and Clem's, which has wine, an incredible selection of beer, and booze. So all on the same block, thank goodness. ;)

Freak flag

A flash of color (or bright feathers) sounds like a great way to celebrate such a milestone. :)

Freak flag

Super cool, I didn't know that, and I dig their music. Thanks for the bit of trivia. :)

Is that a skunk in your pocket?

Thank you! Such sweet words. And wow, to sleep outside! That would freak me out, too many bugs out there. Your dad sounds strict, but what an AMAZING experience! Almost worth the bugs to have wild skunk snuggles. Almost. ;)

Mr. Monster Truck

I wish there were more to tell. He left, and we called the insurance company, and they sent out an appraiser who gave an estimate, and then we went and got the car fixed and the insurance company sent a check to pay for it, all within a week. Once the insurance company takes over, you have no direct contact (or need to) with the other party. Though I wonder, still, whether I should have pushed for a citation. A friend in law enforcement said this officer most definitely should have processed the guy, and that he probably just wanted to save the paperwork. But I'm on the fence about that, because what if he thought he was doing us a favor by handling it civilly? Then again, the only one who really got a favor by not getting prosecuted was Mr. Monster Truck. I'm still pondering the whole thing. I thought about including my thoughts about this, but I didn't want to be unfair to the officer in case he was really just trying to be a good guy, which I respect. As I mentioned at the end of the story, I really hope it was enough to keep this guy from doing something so thoughtless and stupid again.

Natural flavors

I agree! For some reason, the authorities that be in this country deem violence and gore less "offensive" than the human body, especially a woman's. It's absurd.

Revolving Sushi Bar opens on Convoy

I'd say novelty and entertainment factor. Sushi is good, but it's not the best sushi I've had in San Diego. EDIT: I'll add it's among the best I've had locally for its price point.

Revolving Sushi Bar opens on Convoy

They started a soft opening, manager told me official opening was April 10, but clearly they're already serving plenty of peeps while still training staff.


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