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Weird aunt

Thank you, Aunt Jane! Such nice words you always say. Sending virtual hugs and kisses, and we hope to see you soon. XOXO

Thumb Drive

You would win that bet: the docs in the ER said they see mandolin accidents ALL the time. I won't go near the thing. Then again, I rarely go into the kitchen anyway. ;)

White or wrong?

The whole, "carry your own chair to dinner" thing turns me off. If I'm going to pay, I want that sh*t to be set up for me. I have friends who go to these, and they love it. Wait, do you have to bring your own food too? If that's the case, what are you paying for?

And the Emmy goes to...

Thanks, Joe! I believe it's currently re-airing on County TV, but you can go online and see all episodes at :)

Lord of the prize

David played that role. The look on his face as all this was going down was priceless. ;)

Tic tact

Haha! No worries. I'm pretty sure it applies to any story. I am incredibly grateful to have David in my life. We're an awesome team, and I can't imagine anyone else in this world who could both make me as happy as he does AND put up with my antics. ;)

Ever after

Thanks for the kudos, Frederick and Dave. Fred, I like that answer, "cracked all to hell but still together," it's sort of how I feel about my nuclear family sometimes. And I agree, David and I work well together. I'm fortunate to have found him. :)

Dave, at this point in my life and marriage, I don't foresee divorce ever happening to me. But for my friends (and family) who end up there, well, life takes unexpected turns, and all anyone can hope for is to remain true to themselves while still managing to treat others with as much respect, understanding, and care as possible.

Shino Sushi + Kappo is a true sleeper

"Kappa" is actually used to describe cucumber rolls. Like kappa maki. So it's right in there with sushi, means "cucumber." And insane, mischievous water spirits. Though this spelling you have ends with an "o," I've never seen that before.

Shino Sushi + Kappo is a true sleeper

Looks gorgeous! I must try. You want to know something funny? Check out the origin of the word "kappa." Warning, butt-stuff:


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