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Natural flavors

I agree! For some reason, the authorities that be in this country deem violence and gore less "offensive" than the human body, especially a woman's. It's absurd.

Revolving Sushi Bar opens on Convoy

I'd say novelty and entertainment factor. Sushi is good, but it's not the best sushi I've had in San Diego. EDIT: I'll add it's among the best I've had locally for its price point.

Revolving Sushi Bar opens on Convoy

They started a soft opening, manager told me official opening was April 10, but clearly they're already serving plenty of peeps while still training staff.

Revolving Sushi Bar opens on Convoy

Love the hipster comment! Yes, conveyer-belt sushi is not a new thing, in the article I mention there are around 350 of just this one chain. I've been to a few in Japan, but not with the Mr. Fresh thing. But this restaurant IS new to San Diego. Just drove by a few times today, and there's a steady line out the door.

Shopping like a foodie: Heart & Trotter

Just got a few steaks there to bring home and grill the other night. Looking forward to trying more, especially the bratwurst after reading this.

Weird aunt

Thank you, Aunt Jane! Such nice words you always say. Sending virtual hugs and kisses, and we hope to see you soon. XOXO

Thumb Drive

You would win that bet: the docs in the ER said they see mandolin accidents ALL the time. I won't go near the thing. Then again, I rarely go into the kitchen anyway. ;)

White or wrong?

The whole, "carry your own chair to dinner" thing turns me off. If I'm going to pay, I want that sh*t to be set up for me. I have friends who go to these, and they love it. Wait, do you have to bring your own food too? If that's the case, what are you paying for?

And the Emmy goes to...

Thanks, Joe! I believe it's currently re-airing on County TV, but you can go online and see all episodes at :)


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