Paul Krueger

Paul Krueger wrote news and feature stories for the Reader from 1976 to 1990, including a media column called Press Passes and a politics column called The Inside Story. Krueger is now a producer for NBC News in San Diego.

Some of Krueger stories from the archives:

July 14, 1977 All the Mayor's Men (Pete Wilson's aides - co-authored with Richard Louv)

May 4, 1978, page 3 Ford Finds Parking Space in San Diego (President's son starts business here)

Apr. 22, 1982, page 2 The Battle of Queens' Corners (transvestites vie for downtown locations)

June 11, 1984, page 8 All the Fine New Prefixes (Inside Story on telephone numbers)

Dec. 6, 1984, page 3 Shelf Realization (Boney's vs. Windmill Farms)

Dec. 13, 1984, page 8 Inside Story (L.A. Times, San Diego edition)

June 20, 1985, page 8 Inside Story (Joan Kroc friendship with Robert Blair Kaiser)

May 19, 1988, page 8 Inside Story (transvestite political figure Nicole Murray)

Be sure to save the story file to your desktop and zoom in to read the text.

Paul Krueger is the father of Will Krueger, who has written a travel story for the Reader on Cuba.

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