Lawrence Osborne

Osborne is a British novelist who wrote feature stories for the Reader from 1992 to 1994 including:

Jan. 16, 1992 Bohemian Rhapsody (La Jolla's Simic gallery)

Feb. 6, 1992 An Alien's Adventures in Bingoland (visit to Sycuan casino)

May 28, 1992 Loyal Clients Eat Brains (French chefs at the Meridien, Piret's, and Mille Fleurs)

June 11, 1992 You Want the Night Staff (seedy downtown San Diego)

Aug. 27, 1992 Mice and Peacocks (selling men's wear)

Sept. 10, 1992, page 34 Grunting Screaming Nymphs (La Jolla's Aventine)

Nov. 26, 1992, page 44 The Mother Ship Has Landed (Mormon Temple next to I-5)

Jan. 14, 1993 West of Manhattan, South of Hearst Castle, and Close to the Bronx (looking for San Diego in New York)

Feb. 11, 1993 An Austere, Unlikely Place (San Diego vineyards)

Apr. 1, 1993 Slabs of Persia (rugs from Iran)

April 21, 1993: No Amount of Pith-Helmeted Colonials Can Protect You from Chaos (Coronado Cays)

Aug. 5, 1993, page 30 Never Use the 'M' Word (new Del Mar mall)

Sept. 23, 1993 Baja Boom Towns (So Far From God, So Close to the United States)

Jan. 13, 1994 Passage from India (San Diego's quietly prosperous minority)

Be sure to download the story to desktop and zoom in to read the text.

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