John Brizzolara

Born in Chicago on December 11, 1950, Brizzolara has been writing since childhood. At age 29, he sold his first two short stories to Weird Tales. Since then his writing has appeared in Asimov's Science Fiction, Amazing Stories, Whispers, Weirdbook, and Twilight Zone Magazine. His short fiction has been translated to German, Russian, and Japanese.

In 1987 he published his first novel, Wirecutter, followed by the science-fiction novel Empire's Horizon in 1989. Thunder Moon, a sequel to Wirecutter, soon followed. In 1997 he won the National Conference Media Award for Journalism for a San Diego Magazine story on hate crimes. He has reviewed numerous books for the Union-Tribune and the Los Angeles Times. He has also written for the Chicago Reader, Pages, and San Diego Home Garden & Lifestyle.

Brizzolara has been writing for the Reader since 1989, including the following stories from the print archives:

Aug. 31, 1989 Sadness and Strange Endings (Judith Moore interviews Brizzolara)

Aug. 23, 1990, page 10 Set a Needle on My Heart and Play Those Songs of Love and Pain (author's record collection)

Dec. 10, 1992, page 48 Flesh of My Flesh (unending romance of fatherhood)

Dec. 23, 1992, page 22 Loss of Control (roommate is murder suspect)

Oct. 14, 1993 Eating People Is the Ultimate Control (Dahmer's Diner, the band)

Oct. 2, 1997, page 4 Why I Hate Football

Jan. 18, 2001, page 28 My Belly (author's aging body)

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