Bill Manson

Bill Manson writes cover stories and features for the San Diego Reader.

Some samples of his early writing from the Reader archives:

March 16, 1995 Coyote, Tarantula, Silence, Sea (the four corners of San Diego County)

July 25, 1996, page 74 Song for the Uprooted (mariachi music in TJ's Zona Norte)

March 19, 1998, page 4 Larry's Best Gal (interview with Larry Lawrence aide Norma Nicolls)

Sept. 24, 1998, page 5 Cunanan's Last Laugh (computer game based on gay serial killer)

March 25, 1999 Kidnapped! (Georgina Crespo's abduction from Coronado Cays)

Be sure to save the story file to your desktop and zoom in to read the text.


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