Alexander Theroux

American novelist and poet and brother of novelist Paul Theroux and Peter Theroux, a translator of Arabic literary work. Alexander Theroux, who considered his time in San Diego a "joyless" experience, wrote the following stories:

Jan. 19, 1995, page 42 How to Read a Mug

May 11, 1995, page 46 Out of North Park (Ted Williams' climb to greatness)

June 1, 1995, page 30 Hateful, Hurtful, and Hellish (on charges of plagiarism)

July 6, 1995, page 36 Californians Are an Idle, Thriftless People (R.H. Dana's opinion of San Diegans)

July 20, 1995 The Grammar of Rock and Roll (basis for Theroux's book of similar name)

Oct. 5, 1995, page 5 O.J.'s Post Mortem

Nov. 9, 1995, page 47 Decent Life Led by Ordinary Man (on Theroux's father)

Dec. 21, 1995 Every Time I Go out among Men, I Come Back Less a Man (on monks in Oceanside)

Feb. 1, 1996 The Street Where Nothing Ever Happens Until It Does (Coahuila - in Tijuana Zona Norte)

June 13, 1996 Last Eden (Black's Beach in La Jolla)

July 3, 1996 Quick to Buy, Easy to Hold, Cheap and Delicious (hamburger survey)

Oct. 3, 1996, page 24 I Am Criticized as too Hard to Read... (comparison of self with siblings)

Feb. 13, 1997 Hell with the Fire Gone Out (Anza Borrego Desert)

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