Abe Opincar

Abe Opincar wrote for the Reader for nearly 25 years, and is the author of Fried Butter: A Food Memoir.

Some of his early stories are available in the Reader archives:

Feb. 4, 1988 The Doctor Is Dead (author tries to find his shrink)

Feb. 11, 1988, page 16 In this Long Dream (Calif. New Age and Nazis)

Feb. 25, 1988, page 16 Tijuana, Mi Amor

Sept. 15, 1988, page 10 A Summer Night's Fever Dream (parody of Mayor O'Connor's night as homeless person in Balboa Park)

Nov. 3, 1988, page 10 Standing in the Shadow of Love (interviews with pedophiles)

July 2, 1992, page 26 Sunlight Offers No Favors to Fat Boys (part of summer issue)

Dec. 17, 1992, page 50 Heart of Darkness (abused by Susan Sontag)

April 15, 1993 Love Is the Drug (ecstasy users)

Aug. 19, 1993 Speak, Memory (Dale Akiki case of supposed child molestation)

Oct. 10, 1996, page 38 The Bride Wore Black Linen (author marries famous writer)

Feb. 12, 1998, page 16 Sheep and Goats (Horizon Christian Fellowship)

May 4, 2000, page 24 Tip of My Tongue: Turkey Burgers (divorce)

Be sure to save the story file to your desktop and zoom in to read the text.

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