How often do you go to the movies?

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Every week 12 votes


Once a month or so 21 votes


Few times a year 33 votes


Not in a long, long time 51 votes


117 total votes


I would help you here as a frequent movie-goer, but I cannot get "vote in this poll" to work. If few people log in as regulars, it's because -- pick one -- the Reader's polling machinery is on the fritz, movies are super-expensive these days; or there is opprobrium around the notion of going-alone and so people who might, don't. I think they are missing out.

The low quality of movies these days is a factor here. Scott Marks says it's still a great value -- $12 for an evening's entertainment. I get that, but it assumes the movies are entertaining. I find many, maybe even most, to be so so infantile that they're the opposite of entertaining, they're aggravating.

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