UCSD: University of California San Diego

Our Current State

Lawrence Chit and Kim Garcia’s second fully collaborative exhibition, Our Current State, will take place at UC San Diego’s Adam D. Kamil Gallery. The exhibition is part of a multi-faceted project that seeks to explore the dynamic relationship between users and their devices, focusing on it’s seamless integration and intricate layers. The exhibition is composed of mixed media, sculpture, video, and installation to displace the viewers from their normative ways of understanding spaces.

Their collaborative project OCS. investigates the use of digital technology as extensions to ourselves, where communication, identity, and navigation through digital spaces occur in tandem with physical actions. Experiences and interactions facilitated by digital interfaces have become influential to daily lives; OCS. seeks to address this influence objectively, asking viewers to question their own relationship with devices and accounts.

Exhibit runs Tuesday, October 21 to Friday, October 24.


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