Bridgepoint VP goes to work for DeVos

Signs on with cronies at Department of Education

In March of 2011, the United States Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions did a special investigative study of San Diego's for-profit Bridgepoint Education. Many shocking facts surfaced: Bridgepoint spent nearly 30 percent of its revenue on marketing. By 2010, 84.4 percent in the two-year degree had dropped out. Then-Sen. Tom Harkin, a Democrat from Iowa who retired in 2015, declared Bridgepoint was "a scam, an absolute scam."

At year-end 2016, the company, 59.8 percent owned by Wall Street's Warburg Pincus, was being investigated by by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the states of Iowa, New York, Massachusetts, California, and North Carolina. It has been investigated by the Department of Education over several issues.

Nonetheless, as the New York Times revealed in a front-page story Saturday (March 18), Bridgepoint's vice president for regulatory services, Robert Eitel, is working as a special assistant to the new head of the Department of Education, Betsy DeVos. Eitel has been a strong opponent of regulation of for-profit universities and colleges. He is now on unpaid leave from Bridgepoint.

Immediately after Donald Trump's election as president, the stocks of the for-profits shot up, in anticipation of easier regulation under Trump. Bridgepoint stock rose sharply despite dismal results in recent quarters.

The Times said that around Washington D.C, ethics questions are being raised about Eitel's job working for DeVos. In January a partner of Warburg Pincus and boardmember of Bridgepoint resigned from the board to join Trump's economic team.

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This Administration is becoming a wrecking ball, destroying everything good about the US, promoting evil, and all the while (attempting to) silencing the critics in the press. The sad thing is that impeachment will only bring on other zealots. The only hope is for a clean sweep of all incumbents in four years.

swell: Good points, yet Trump and his lackeys remain popular with their base. Trump's positive rating remains at 43 -- only a few points down from the time of the election. Best, Don Bauder

Read that the orange one's approval ratings are down to the low 30% range and falling.

SportsFan0000: Whose numbers are these? I took mine from MSNBC about a week ago, but I don't know who the pollster was. Best, Don Bauder

danfogel: Yes, last night (Monday) I saw that at least in some polls, he was below 40 percent. Best, Don Bauder

We are witnessing the wholesale destruction of the very fabric of America by Trump and his gang of corporate criminals. There is nothing honorable or decent about any of these people or what they are doing. We must do everything we can to resist Trump, and refuse to accept what he is doing.

amorpheous: If we get Trump impeached and convicted, we then get Pence, whose views are similar, although he is smoother. Best, Don Bauder

Senator Feinstein and others were "visibly shaken" after exiting a top secret, classified briefing on Trump and his Administration. Word is out that the scale of corruption and ties to Russia/Putin and other hostile governments is unprecedented in American history. I read that Senators and Congresspersons state that there are already multiple Impeachable offenses against Trump and his Cabinet. And, that Pence McConnell and Ryan may be complicit in covering up the corruption. It is, apparently, much worse than Watergate.

Will a Special Prosecutor be appointed?! Will Republicans "Cover Up" the widespread corruption to push their right wing agenda through Congress and hold onto power in all 3 branches of government?!

OR will the Truth Only come out if Dems take back at least one of the Houses of Congress, appoint a Special Prosecutor with full subpeona power, and get the truth out?!

SportsFan0000: I have always thought this was potentially, and likely, much worse than Watergate. Today, Trump tweeted that the intelligence agencies had found that Russia's interference had no effect on the outcome of the election. Comey, under pressure to answer, said that the FBI had not studied that question -- hardly the same as saying that Russia's interference had no effect on the election. Best, Don Bauder

Don, Did you know that the media traced the source of the quotes that Fox/Fake News was putting out and that Trump was quoting in his tweets regarding the falsehoods that 1) Pres Obama ordered wiretaps of Trump (False) and then 2) Pres Obama did an end around the FISA Court process by working with British intelligence to wiretap Trump(False)?!

The source is RT. The International Media out let that is the proganda arm of the Kremlin and controlled by Russian Dictator Putin!? In other words, Trump is quoting (knowingly or unknowlingly) his Russia handler (former KGB official) Putin when lying about President Obama?!


SportsFan0000: Tragically, this is believable. Previously, Trump's source has been Breitbart. He also picks up things from Fox and considers them gospel. But he soothes his base by flaying the mainstream press with charges of "fake news." This is what psychotics typically do -- charge that opponents are doing exactly what they are doing. Best, Don Bauder

What is funny is that the very people that voted for Trump will be the ones most adversely affected by his Ship of Fools administration. Conservative Republicans do not believe in good jobs with good benefits and retirement. They do not believe in the middle class. They want to destroy every social safety net. Trump admires Putin because he wants to be like him and lead the US like Putin leads Russia. Trump is a clear and present danger to democracy and the American way of life.

AlexClarke: True: Trump is a danger to democracy. And he is not going to change: his sociopathic behavior is deeply inculcated in his personality. He knows no other kind of beaver. Best, Don Bauder

Don - are you talking about the second largest rodent in the world, that beave? Putin is said to be the most powerful man. Maybe being #2 rodent isn't satisfactory to very bad Don. Jealousy? Maybe you meant behavior.

shirleyberan: Forget the word "beaver." I intended to type "behavior" and the computer changed it to "beaver" and I didn't catch it. Best, Don Bauder

shirleyberan: Forget the word "beaver." I intended to type "behavior" and the computer changed it to "beaver" and I didn't catch it. Best, Don Bauder

Latest bombshell...Former Trump Campaign Manager Manafort was paid over 10 million per year since 2005 by a Russian Oligarch, one of Putin's best friends, to destablize former Soviet Republics, countries in Europe and to lobby in the US for Putin's interests(without registering as a lobbyist a major felony) and to spread the Putin/Russian/Kremlin propaganda line in the US and around the world. Imagine a top Trump crony and official spending years undermining democracies pushing Putin's authoritarianism?!

The Impeachment Train is rolling and picking up speed..

SportsFan0000: I have not heard that, and I watched the news last night (Tuesday).

Maddow repeated a devastating story she has told before. One of the highly ranked military men in Russia announced early this year that the country had a cyber system that could raise havoc with adversarial nations, such as the U.S. Maddow showed how the Russkies fixed it so that when you are reading a story, an anti-Hillary Clinton or pro-Donald Trump story would pop up. This was "ubiquitous," said Maddow. The result was havoc.

Comey said his crew has not looked into whether the Russians' activities affected the outcome of the election. He should start looking into that right now. Best, Don Bauder

SportsFan0000: Yes, the AP reported today, and Maddow repeated, that Manafort was paid $10 million a year from a Russian oligarch to influence media in the U.S. to bolster the reputation of Putin.

Typically, Manafort replied with a totally misleading statement. He said he had not worked for the Russian government. The AP didn't say he was working for the government. He was working for an oligarch to boost the reputation of Putin. In Russia, there is little difference between the government and the business oligarchs. Best, Don Bauder

In order to make money as an oligarch and stay alive in Russia, the word i s out that Putin gets a cut of the top on every business deal that goes through Russia. Have seen stories/reports that Putin could be worth close to 100B dollars that he has stolen and skimmed out of the closely controlled Russian system and is hiding offshore. Those that don't "play ball" with Putin, end up dead or in prison on trumped up pun intended.

Don, I saw a story online that someone hacked Manafort's daughter's tweets. Daughter was complaining about 'blood money" from the Ukraine. Apparently, Manafort was also advising the former Pres of Ukriane who was thrown out of office when he went against his people and parliament who wanted to align with the EU instead of Moscow. Ex Pres then fled Ukraine to Moscow for Putin's protection. And, not sure if it has been properly verified, but saw a media report that stated the blood money that Manafort's daughter was allegedly tweeting about?! Manafort may have been , allegedly, advising the former Pres of Ukraine when government troops opened fire and massacred protesters.

Manafort and his wife were going to get a divorce according to the tweets. But, that is on hold because the Manaforts to not want Judges, lawyers and a Divorce Court tracing the source of his money to Ukraine, Russia and the Kremlin. We may find out about all that anyways if a Special Prosecutor is appointed.

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