June 17 Sudoku Contenders


  • Don Bowman, Santee, 10. A win would be nice.
  • John Pertle, Santee, 10. Reform is not prerequisite. Only faith in Christ will save you.
  • Erin Nogle, Ocean Beach, 8. Great BBQ Rich bring on the chili cookoff!
  • Nancy Teruya, Rancho Penasquitos, 8.
  • * Ann Grudzinski, San Diego, 7. Hello again y'all!
  • Pauline O'Malley, Point Loma, 7. I love sudoku puzzles, keeps your brain working.
  • M. Elliott, Ranch Bernardo, 6. Scale of 1 to 10, the pain is a 20.
  • Ken Hanson, Clairemont, 6. Go Twins!
  • Sebastian Certik, Bonita, 5. Hi mom!
  • Dr. Dave, Pt Loma, 4. Than you lord 4 your blessings.
  • Jim Koziol, UTC, 4.
  • Teddy Moore, Santee, 4. Happy Father's day grandpa!
  • Jeff Loeb, San Diego, 3. Easy does it!
  • Nel Cristobal, Chula Vista, 2. Have faith in God.
  • Rick Rotsch, Ocean Beach, 2. Solar geothermal and hydroelectric are great!
  • Mandy Armstrong, Point Loma, 1. I could really use a wish right now.
  • Esmeralda Martin, San Diego, 1. Waka-waka Mexico! 2010!
  • David Metheny, San Diego, 1. I'm 6 months sober. Are you? Steve Crock's a sukafish!
  • Lisa Stebbins, San Diego, 1. Go Padres! Hi James!
  • * Tyler Wolfe, La Mesa, 1. This is my first time doing sudoku… I love it!
  • Cun Hui Zhang, Carmel Mtn., 1. Learn is intresting.


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