Best of 2001: Best Harley Accessories

South Coast Harley-Davidson
345 E Street, Chula Vista

They do sell motorcycles here. That's how the business started, with the Harley-Davidsons arrayed in a nondescript showroom with concrete floors. A couple of racks of T-shirts and jackets squeezed into one corner. Today, however, nonmotorized merchandise fills the place. You can find Harley-Davidson coffee mugs and Biker Brew coffee to fill them with. There are Harley-branded pocket knives and baby clothes and shot glasses and kitchen canisters and Barbie dolls (complete with doll-sized bikes). Someone yearning to be a virtual biker can purchase a "Wheels of Freedom" computer game, while a $2495 limited-edition Harley-Davidson electric guitar will beckon a would-be rock star. The traditional bike gear and clothing is on hand, but amidst helmets and jackets, panties and bustiers add an offbeat element to the shopping experience.


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