Best of 2001: Best Appliance Repair Guy

Tom Jones of Mission Hills Electric and Appliance
902 Fort Stockton Drive, Mission Hills

Tom Jones can repair just about anything from exhaust fans to convection ovens to washer-dryers. But if you come in with, say, a new "plastic" vacuum cleaner, be prepared for a lecture. "Everything I have is old," he says. "My Sunbeam toaster was a wedding present in 1956. The only change I've had to make is the cord. I have a 1910 Victrola record player with bamboo needles. You sharpen the needle a little, wind it up, and nearly a century later still hear Caruso perfectly. No plastic thing made today will last that long." And be prepared to wait. "I have so much work I can only get to the store twice a week," he says, "on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons,"

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