The Waiting Room 0.0 stars

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Telejournalist Peter Nicks hired a camera crew to catalog a day in the life of the bustling emergency room of Oakland’s Highland Hospital. Have you ever been to an ER? Waiting times are interminable and tempers fray as uninsured patients lose their patience. What else is new? It’s being billed as a “social media project," but I smell a “shoot now, figure it out later” audition for a reality TV series. What other situations that cause frustrated Americans to lose a great deal of time can Mr. Nicks document? How about Department of Motor Vehicles, or In-N-Out Drive Thru? There are hundreds of cable and satellite channels filled with trivialities such as this. Don’t encourage an easy marriage of convenience between film and TV by wasting the $10 — on top of what you already pay for cable — it would cost to see it.

Length: 1 hour, 21 minutes

Rated: NR


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