Reader Typo Patrol

Each week the Reader prints tens of thousands of words in stories and entertainment listings.

But — hey — no one's perfect. We've let a few typographical errors appear in printed copies. So now we turn to you — the reading public — for help.

Simply circle the error (sorry, in printed version only) and mail or fax it to us — either the actual page or a copy of the page — along with the correction, your name, and mailing address.

We'll pay $10 to the first person to point out each error. Or choose a Reader Typo Patrol T-shirt instead.

Exceptions: improper grammar in direct quotations, slang, idiosyncracies of style, and playful spellings, i.e. "beeyootiful."

Typographical errors found in stories and listings (sorry, no ads, blogs, or printed comments from the website) must be submitted by Monday, 7 a.m. after the issue in question.

Mail to: Typo Patrol, SD Reader, Box 85803, San Diego, CA 92186-5803. Fax to: 619-231-0489. Or deliver to: 1703 India Street in Little Italy. (Yes, we have a mail slot.)

Find last week's typo detectives in the Classifieds pages of our printed version.

Deadline for submission: Each Monday, 7am, after the issue in question.

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