Allison Adams Tucker

Photo of Allison Adams Tucker Photo by Michael Klayman

Allison Adams Tucker: Vocals

Genre: Jazz, World

Sound description: World jazz with urbane cool.

RIYL: Nancy Wilson, Stacey Kent, Jane Monheit, Lady Dottie

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Influences: Ella Fitzgerald, Stacey Kent, Etta James, Nancy Wilson, Eliane Elias, Aretha Franklin, Lila Downs, Patty James


Multi-lingual vocalist Allison Adams Tucker began singing while growing up in San Diego. Raised by parents who were classically trained musicians, she was singing before she learned how to talk. From elementary school on, she studied violin, flute, dance, and voice.

She went to high school in Solana Beach before moving on to college in the Midwest, attending a Christian school in Indiana where she says she was an outcast for being a punk rocker. As well as travelling abroad to Japan and Spain for a few years, she earned her BA in Linguistics and Music, and can sing in six different languages besides English. An astonishing singer, she has impeccable pitch and crystal clear diction, allowing each lyric to be heard clearly, no matter the language.

Having returned to San Diego in 2000, Tucker’s debut CD Come With Me was released in 2008, co-produced by Peter Sprague (with whom she sang on his all-vocal full-length Calling Me Home). Come With Me was nominated Best Jazz Album of 2009 by the San Diego Music Awards. Her band performs as the Allison Adams Tucker Quintet, Alli and the Cats, and the Allegato World Ensemble.

She and bassist Evona Wascinski toured Europe in March 2012, followed by recording sessions the following month in Paris. Tucker also organizes the annual Brasil Jazz Festa, held each year at the Encinitas Library.

October 2013 found her embarking on a five-date tour of Japan from October 18 through October 23, with shows in Nagoya, Hamamatsu, Mito, Yokohama, and Tokyo.

She has toured the world several times and points out things haven’t really improved much over the years. “In theory, booking tour dates becomes easier with each tour based on the contacts I make and the relationships I establish with venues & festival directors,” she explained. “However, the jazz world is changing so fast, and the world economy has an enormous effect on the arts. I wouldn't say it's harder - it's just constantly a fierce learning curve. Like swimming 100 miles through shark infested waters, this business is not for the faint of heart.”

Her 2014 album April in Paris is a direct product of touring. As spelled out in the album’s title, it was recorded in Paris, following a nine date road trip through Italy in 2012. A bit of creative license changed the month of the album sessions from October, to the more romantic sounding April. While the album uses primarily European musicians, Tucker’s regular bassist, Evona Wascinski is featured.

When April in Paris dropped on International Jazz Day 2014 (April 26) at UCSD's Loft, she was backed by Kamau Kenyatta (piano/sax), Danny Green (piano), Peter Sprague (guitar), Evona Wascinski (bass), Julien Cantelm (drums), and Lou Fanucchi (accordion).

Her third full-length WANDERlust was recorded in NYC under the direction of award-winning producer Matt Pierson (Brad Mehldau, Jane Monheit).



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